Friday, March 19, 2010

Crunchy Garlic Chicken

After being inspired by Julie & Julia one of the things I wanted to start was a cookbook challenge. I love cooking, and it's relaxing when I do. So, yesterday I started my first project- go through the recipes in a cookbook, however I obviously have to resort to dishes that I can make in a school residence setting. I have some ingredients and some cooking utensils but not enough to be the perfect basic kitchen... So every dish I go through is going to be altered to what I have or can acquire.

Anyways, I chose a cookbook by Jamie Oliver, because I love watching his shows on Food Network. And so began my journey to make his 'Crunchy Garlic Chicken'. I didn't have a food processor so all the crushing and mixing of the crumb mixture was done by hand and I had to get slices of lemon and margarine from the cafeteria condiments section.

Don't you love it when you can't get to the grocery store without taking a 30minute bus ride?

At least my chicken turned out great! I wanted to have some comfort food, which is why I made the chicken- but I ended up tempting all of my roommates and had to make extra because they wanted more. Sharing food and spending time with my roommates was a lot of fun, even if it means that we procrastinate a bit more from school work...


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