Thursday, January 2, 2014

Em. by Michelle Phan

I have been watching YouTube videos since I was in high school. One of my best friends introduced me to make up tutorials and I have been hooked ever since. One of the gurus I have been following for a long time has come out with a highly anticipated make up line - Em by Michelle Phan.

Me, being a subscriber, decided to support Michelle Phan and got a day life palette and a chiaroscuro. Michelle's make up line is priced mid to high end.

The packaging:
I'm not too into the plastic see-through packaging. It seems kind of cheap and... the palette itself is $75. I did however get these products on sale and ended up paying $50 for the chiaroscuro and the life palette. Pricey, but still worth it.

The life palette:
The life palettes are big square palettes with 8 lip colours, 24 eye shadows and 4 blushes. The make up is in circular pans which are magnetic so that the colours can be rearranged and repurchased if necessary. When you order a life palette it comes with a travel palette so that you can design your own essentials palette. What attracted me about the life palette is that there were nice matte and shimmery neutrals in the palette as well as the fact that I could make my own travel palette. I love my day life palette, because I am a huge neutral eye shadow fan. While there are other palettes in the Em collection, you won't find vibrant hues (at least not yet). If you're looking for vibrant eye shadows, I recommend Urban Decay.

The chiaroscuro:
I also purchased a chiaroscuro, a double ended highlight and contour stick, in medium. I love the contouring portion of the stick, however, the highlighter does not suit my face at all. I prefer Watt's Up and High Beam for my complexion. The chiaroscuro is super blendable which is a plus - but that also means that I'll end up using it up a lot faster than I'd like.

I am glad I purchased these products, because I want to support Michelle Phan and her endeavours. I plan on doing more of this with other bloggers and YouTubers :)

What I like most about that palette is that the colours are versatile and that the eye shadow colours show up true to colour even without an eye primer.


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