Saturday, January 4, 2014

New York Photo Diary

I went to NYC for a girl's trip for 4 days. Here are some shots of from the trip!

The Cartier shop dressed as a giant present

How is this a library?
Gossip Girl anyone?

Obligatory visit to K-town

Rockefeller centre Christmas tree and skating

Saks 5th window display

Disco Empire

LOVE - missing our 4th member

Library again

Bite sized heaven

Chick magnet

Pretty explanatory

Jewellery at an outdoor market

Octopus ink pasta

Giant snail - which I subsequently climbed

Times Square we met again

The Gugenheim

Artsy fartsy

Hi Georgia May

Brooklyn Brooklyn

Best breakfast ever

Jean Paul Gaultier 

A dress fit for Demeter

The Crystal Renn dress

A piano in a tree


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